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Olajire Omikunle is the Founder/Managing Director of Magnum Stitches, a renowned tailoring and branding company based in Lagos, Nigeria the fastest growing city in Africa. He founded the company in January 2012 and over the course of a few years, built and developed it into one of the fastest growing tailoring and branding companies in the country.
Jire as he is commonly called, also serves as a Director of Magnum Buildings & Works Services, which he started as an undergraduate student. The initial focus of the company was to supply building and construction materials as the Real Estate industry is on the rise in almost every state in Nigeria. However, Magnum Buildings and Works has since evolved to additionally provide construction and real estate services in addition to building/construction supplies.
While in university Olajire came up with the concept for a TV show about young people living in Lagos. This idea led to him becoming the Co-Founder of Gidi Culture Productions, a Television Content Production Company, which produces the television show Gidi Culture. Gidi Culture Productions, in partnership with Eclipse Live, also organizes the yearly Gidi Culture Festival in Lagos, Nigeria.
He is a Co–Founder of Initiative Supporting Rural Education and Social Development (INSURED), a non-profit organization based in Lagos, Nigeria. INSURED primarily engages in activities that aim to improve the quality of teaching/learning in rural schools throughout Nigeria.
He serves on the board of trustees of the Adire and African Centre, which is under the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library. He served as Head of Marketing from 2011 – 2012 in Bokado Oil and Gas, and remains a non-executive director there. Mr. Omikunle is a devoted Christian who speaks Yoruba, French & English fluently, holding a BSc in Political Science, from Babcock University, Remo, and Ogun State, Nigeria.

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