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By Eizu Uwaoma, CEO Hexavia!
Different techniques for building a winning team
A. Training: Is Training The Most Effective Approach to Having a Winning Team?
 Well, if you don’t train them then don’t blame them. Still, they could attend trainings just for the sake of it (I know staff who are   guilty of that; you asked them “why are you here” at the start of training and their response is “we are here because our company sent us”, full stop).
B. Task: Is Giving Them More Difficult Tasks Effective?
Giving your employees difficult tasks helps them learn. It would expand their knowledge quicker than trainings. But you’ve got to be there to give them pointers and be ready to allow errors and mistakes that can cost you more.
C. Appraisal: How Effective is Performance Review?
Performance Review can help you track progress. But isn’t that dependent on the metrics set and whether subordinates and even their bosses are willing to not either favor or victimize one another in the process? And also if it is  relevant to the job roles and a huge challenge with this is usually data integrity in a country where it is okay to cover your colleagues ineffectiveness. Sometimes it ends up as  all about the numbers but does it really grow the people?
D.  Compensation: How About Rewards like Increase in Salary and Other Extrinsic Motivation_.
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Theory X and Theory Y show us how this is only temporary. The truth is that staff are like a man chasing a woman and vice verse, either way, whatever  you used to get them is what you’d use to keep them. So motivation works as a temporary solution to what may just be a permanent problem. Increase in salary can work until your motivations and rewards become ineffective and the staff becomes a “big boy” and seeks for more.
I noticed a lot of us chose this. For those of us thinking that salary and other rewards (D) at that is an effective way of having a winning team, please bear in mind that those  are temporary solutions to a permanent problem.
Haven’t you noticed The Parkinson’s Law at play? And how expense always rise to meet new income and rewards. So trying to motivate an idiot only leads to having a “temporarily motivated idiot”.
Equal parts of all of these four factors will lead to a very motivated employee. It is the job of the manage to harness his staff drives and ambitions to make profit while figuring out their specific motivations. A complex but very achievable task.
Compiled by:
Olumide Morolayo