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  • Office Address: 3, Ilupeju Bye Pass, Ilupeju, lagos, Nigeria
  • (+234) 810 504 3946


By Eizu Uwaoma


I am huge fan of creating a personal brand and ideology way before creating a product. Don’t just leverage on existing market, create a brand new one through disruption!  You however have to be pretty bold and excellent plus excellently unafraid to do that.

It, however, depends on what you are selling, for tangible products; sell the product first, especially if it’s MVP (Minimum Value Proposition) products with undifferentiated value and mass production. But for a core ideology, service/experience or even a product that is disruptive, selling the person behind it first is more valid like Ellon Musk is doing with Tesla, Steve Jobs did with iPhone and even the likes of Richard Branson did with Virgin Atlantic, they sold the products through themselves and their stories first.

While a lot of people ask what an existing market or what their customers want and then go ahead to provide it (so they follow the marketing concept of finding a product for your market); a few brands don’t. This is disruptive. They just create a product, almost arrogantly (not necessary by what a customer immediately says it needs or that has a prior demand) and then create a brand strategy to develop a market for it.  I feel this is what we are trying to do with RIGO (the streets wants stomach infrastructure, we are coming with mental infrastructure, cerebral revolution over rants on social media and every newspaper stand.)

Great people, most times don’t find a market, they create one.

They understand that customers are not always right; they don’t always know what they want. If you leave the majority of Nigerians for example, they’d vote the wrong person. The masses really don’t know what they want, until you show them. So let’s create something more superior and maybe out of what they thought was right and then show them.

I have learnt from my decade in management, brand and business consulting that you can’t always create a good revolution of even a product through a crowd (you have to first create a select group, a caucus with small sample size over general focus group), you can’t build disruption through direct customer feedback or even a focused group.


You have to go ahead into the future before everyone else and solve even unforeseen problems; then you would have achieved disruptive innovation. Get it done.


Compiled by: Olumide Morolayo