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  • Office Address: 3, Ilupeju Bye Pass, Ilupeju, lagos, Nigeria
  • (+234) 810 504 3946

The Masterpiece… A Work of Art

By Wurola Bello

Via Slickgold Blog


I have a dream inside of me. I painted the picture just the way i think it should look like on the artistic walls of my creative mind without bothering with the kind of material I used because I really needed to do the sketch while I was dreaming it.
I finished the piece not feeling I needed to check the authenticity of the painting I had done off the cuffs. It seemed to look beautiful to me at that time and I felt I couldn’t have painted a better picture! Wow… “These adorable inner eyes I’ve got tho” … I praised my craftsmanship.
Today I stand before the perfect picture painted out of my dreams sometimes ago and got to look at it all over again with trained eyes boring into them like a dog adoring its master. I analysed each object previously painted on the canvas of my mind. I couldn’t but smile at the innocence of a girl with the timid imaginative mind of the girl I was then.
My head began to take mental note of corrections visible to my trained eyes of the raw sketches. I began to think of the daring objects missing. The challenging colours required to give lifts to my piece and my imaginations grew wide and shiny. I bet I could almost see them.
Pssshhhh… It needs to be edited along with the years. Nah! Nah!! Nah!!! This picture could look better, . But- I am not going to discard this canvas. Its still my masterpiece and its beautiful, I said to myself. Days turn into months and the months into years perfecting my skills as they roll by. With my still slim fingers… I picked up my brush expertly and began to add touches skillfully.
A saying goes “if you can dream it, you can achieve it”. I say “if you can dream it…. You can live it”. My young mind had a perfect picture to paint but my skilled mind would give it life. My dreams may not be perfect yet, but it will be beautiful.