Tips to Prevent Covid-19 Infection.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has left a mark on the world and is not done leaving a mark so we’ve decided to give you a few tips to protect yourself.

1. Get the Vaccine: The first tip we have for you is to vaccinate yourself! It is the best form of protection now and not getting it is you setting yourself up. Check online for the nearest Vaccination centre near you and get that vaccine.

2. Wash your hands frequently: This is the easiest step and you should find yourself getting used to it. Whenever there’s an opportunity for you to wash your hands, wash it. This will keep your hands clean and free from germs often.

3. Sanitize: You can’t wash your hands often? No problem. Care for your sanitizer like you care for your phone, let it live in your bag. If possible, sanitize every 30 minutes.

4. Keep your hands away from your face: The most common way of transmitting the covid is through the face. You never can tell when there’s germs on your hands so keep it away from your face. This also helps you achieve that skin you’ve always wanted🌚. Kill two birds with one stone

5. Wear your mask: Apart from touching your face with your hands, fluids from the environment can also come in contact with your face putting you at risk so make sure to mask up whenever you’re outdoors.

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